In Progress: Under The Gun

in progress

notes I wrote to myself

Here are a few sketches I’m working on for my contributions to the group show “Under the Gun” that will be opening in January at Inter_section Gallery. The invitation/challenge put to me by fellow artist Cindy Taplin: to generate an artistic conversation on the persistent fascination with guns and violence in the United States.

I’ve had two loud thoughts in my head for awhile that I really want to realize for this exhibit. One is the image of a two-headed eagle. Last night the bottle of wine I opened for Christmas dinner had an image on the seal (below in orange) that seemed like an omen I’m heading in the right direction.

in progress
in progress

Cindy is a talented artist and beautiful person, we met when she and I both were working as founding members of Delurk Coop this past spring and summer. I’m honored that she asked me to participate.  It’s a tough subject, I hope I can bring something thoughtful to the table (or the wall). This exhibit has been in the works for months, she and the other organizing artists started planning it in July after the shootings in Aurora, Colorado. A bit more info about the exhibit on flickr and on Facebook:

Under the Gun


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