Gratitude: Shooting stars on the drive home

A few things making me happy (as part of my ongoing gratitude journal):

driving home
A proud night and shooting stars on the drive home
Supper CLub DEC 2012
Finger food
Beautiful backbones

solar flower
Imagining an objects secret life
First christmas card of 2012
The first Christmas card of the year
sunflower seeds on my salad
Discovering a new favorite crunch
roasting a chicken
The smell of timeless
The taste of timeless
The purple in fire
winter peppers
Bright dots on the Winter landscape
graham cracker
A childhood memory
screen capture: nashville
Cliffhangers and drama queens
first seed catalog of the winter/spring season
The first seed catalog of the winter season
grilled cheese
Another perfect combination
making bread
The sleepy smell of yeast bubbles
Screen capture: YES
Catching the little details you might have blinked and missed
bathroom window
Cleaning house with the window open
The first deep, soft step onto a fresh bathmat
fresh eggs
Freckled egg shells
A creative person having fun
A new twist on an old classic
A day when you felt so happy that even traffic lights were beautiful
Finally unwrapping that special soap you’ve been hoarding
christmas amaryllis bulb
Watching life unfold, the hopefulness of a white flower
red and blue
When two colors that belong together, unplanned, land side-by-side and wake you up.

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