Gratitude: Blue Glass Sunsets and Promises

A few things making me happy (as part of my ongoing gratitude journal):

windows at sunset
Blue glass sunsets
using the arm rest like a boss
Catching the cat using the armrest like a boss

The unknown
screen capture: batman TV show
Catching Batman and The Joker going surfing
Real mail
hot chocolate morning
Hot chocolate in my coffee
notes i wrote to myself
Writing something down to get it out of my head
tiger leaf
A fall leaf with tiger stripes
new squeegees
Splurging on the right tools for the right job
in progress - printing / dye
Committing to something all the way
rizzo in red
Knowing someone is always watching out for me
in progress: Dish Towel Design
Finding inspiration in real life
dryer lint
Rainbow dryer lint
fall rain in the morning
Morning walks in light rain
Words of wisdom
red pants
Screen Capture: Remington Steele
Ladies who “don’t take no crap.”
Riot Series Prints
Accidents that turn into discoveries
glass door knob
Glass door knobs
don't croud the mushrooms
Julia Child’s voice in my head
holly grail 41-C arrives
When someone you love finds their holy grail
my suitcase matched the room
When my suitcase matches the room
my suitcase matched the room
A childhood memory found in an object you’ve never set eyes on before.
lip gloss
Being girly, treating yourself, feeling pretty.
poop only please
Being silly, laughing like a five-year-old.
Veggieducken (aka Squashleekotato Roast)
Cooking experiments with friends, late-night conversations, belly laughs.
hotel Atlantis
Hotel stationery
still life: shells with english muffins
Unexpected still life
The sweetness of nature
thanksgiving cactus
Internal clocks
Fort Macon, NC
Weather-worn wood
sketching - in porgress
Amaryllis bulb
A promise followed through.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Blue Glass Sunsets and Promises

  1. Your gratitude journal is better than anything that appears in any of the other 100,000 blogs that I subscribe to. This particular one might be my favorite. Thank you! and, now, I have so many questions for you about these photos… I hope to see you soon!

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