Gratitude: Nests and Worn Patches

A few things making me happy (as part of my ongoing gratitude journal):

bird nest
A blue-ribbon bird nest in the backyard

mexican oregeno
Fine details only seen in bright sunlight
layer 1 - drawings
Doodling uninterrupted
foggy days
The quiet perspective of foggy days
Page captures: American Artists Coffee Table Book
Re-finding inspiration on a friend’s coffee table
rocky knob hike, VA
When you’ve visited enough to feel you belong there
rocky knob hike, VA
The natural world is beyond all make-belive
The optimism of youth. And hats.
Tidying up a bit
cutting garlic chive seed heads
An ounce of prevention
rocky knob hike, VA
Goldenrod in fall fields
scarf (TJMAX) and green librarian sweater (THRIFTED)
The comfort of layers
drawings / collage
The way little details melt onto a bigger picture
fall is for rainbows
Rainbows on the walls
Worn patches
PB's takeout
When you get the ketchup to french fries equation just right
rocky knob hike, VA
A familiar face, still smiling.
Re-finding found objects
The notions section. And the fact it’s called the notions section.
am sketching / brainstorming
Morning tea with a sketchbook—savoring that first quiet light and a blank page filling up.

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