Gratitude: Diner Coffee Mugs and Informative Placemats

A few things making me happy (as part of my ongoing gratitude journal):

diner coffee
Diner coffe mugs and informative placemats

southern summer breeze
curtains flapping in a southern summer breeze
garden diary
the sound of running water
stormy beach
watching storms rolling across the ocean
rainy day movies
an excuse for a cozy hotel movie night with the girls
screen captures: Buffy
someone who knows animal prints are neutrals
how one city can unexpectedly remind you of another city you love
flip flop tan lines
flip flop tan lines
adding fresh colors to my crayon box
I have more ideas
small, comforting realizations
lemon cucumber
finding a star in the garden
saving part of this summer for next
Screen Captures: How to Steal a Million
discovering a rewind-worthy classic romantic cinema moment
the zing in red zinger tea
sunset in VA
the quiet of small towns at sunset

2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Diner Coffee Mugs and Informative Placemats

  1. woodsherry, you submitted a permission form for Patti’s book but you did not provide an email address for me to send the essays

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