bouquet for a summer day

garden flowers

The cooler weather of the last few days has conjured early fall for me – lazy days spent in a deck chair, reading books with marigold bookmarks, and watching maple leaves turn red and drop in loopy swirls. Ahhh, Fall!

No time for such luxuries right now, though. My days have been full of rush design projects, cooking marathons, meeting new family members (Hi, baby Ella!), and messy printing projects. Amid the rushing, and before all the colors around us turn to gold and brown, here’s a bouquet of my favorite merry flowers, with some Thai basil blooms and green sedum buds thrown in for good measure. Ain’t life beautiful?

A few pictures of printing projects in progress after the jump.

hankiepankie prints
Hankie Pankie prints

hankiepankie - sketch
follow your blisters
Hankie Pankie prints
hankiepankie prints


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