Back from The 15th Anniversary Swap Meet with a big ol’ grin

15th Anniversary Swap Meet Polaroids
It’s has been part of Art-o-mat swap tradition to snap pics of the attendees. Photo shot by Alyssa Salomon.

I came back from the Art-o-mat® 15th Anniversary Swap Meet this weekend at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Luce Foundation Center for American Art with the biggest smile on my face. It was wonderful to meet other artists, talk with Arto aficionados and see the excitement and pure love of art the Art-o-mat project generates. Great day, made me proud to be an Arto-artist.

Art-O-Mat Swap Meet 15
My Art-o-mat swaps (including work by: with Herbert Hoover, Corey Hengen, Noah Scalin, Kelli Busch, Preston McGhee, Clark Whittington, Scott Blake, Alyssa C Salomon, Amanda Kay Wallace, Jennifer Kosharek, Bryan Cunningham, Jodi Hoover, Robin Anderson and Mim Golub Scalin, among others! The two pieces on right bottom were purchased from the machine by visitors and then swapped with me for HankiePankies, taking us full circle!)

Art-O-Mat Swap Meet 15
The crowd at the museum, mingling and swapping art.
Art-O-Mat Swap Meet 15
Art-o-mat artist Robin Anderson’s drawings, all hand-drawn originals, ready to swap.
art-o-mat swap meet 15
This Art-o-mat aficionado made an Arto block in one of the collage workshops using pieces she’d cut from one of my print postcards and came to my table to show me (and get another postcard).
art-o-mat swap meet 15
On the trading floor.
art-o-mat swap meet 15
group shot of Arto artists at the end of the swap (not all artists pictured)
Detail shot of one of the HankiePankie designs I traded at the swap
Art-O-Mat Swap Meet 15
Another piece I collected at the swap. This one’s an encaustic painting by Dyan Westman.
Art-O-Mat Swap Meet 15
Don’t go around Artless!

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