Gratitude: Colors that make your mouth water

A few things making me happy (as part of my ongoing gratitude journal):

How many stories can an object on a musty shelf tell you?
fresh squeezed
It tastes better when there’s time and care involved.

purple cabbage
Every color in the world exists naturally somewhere.
Would pamplemousse by any other name taste as sweet?
roots - windowsill
All it takes is water and sunlight and you’ve got a windowsill full of life.
sunrise walk
Having the whole place to myself.
When what you’re wearing makes you smile.
sunrise walk
More polkadots.
sunrise walk
When something small reminds me of something big.
Finding inspiration in a dusty corner.
lacecap hydrangea
Finding inspiration in a friends garden.
A partner who skins tomatoes.
Lake Jordan, NC
Time spent next to water.
Free transportation to a hot, sunny Italian hillside.
pinwheel in the dock
garden diary - JULY
Colors that make your mouth water.
beach flowers
A photo worth the gravel knees it took to capture it.
good luck charm
A good omen.

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