The Epic Battle: Part 2 – Picking out crayons


So we knew we (Patrick Harris and I) wanted to tell a story and we had some nouns: rum; octopus (or Kraken, perhaps); robot. And a verb: battle. Patrick found some things to use as inspiration in building our creation. I did lots of lots of sketching and scribbling. We’re on our way.

My next steps: A search for inspiring materials. Let’s pick some crayons!

My scrap pile is running a little low after recent adventures. Plus, I need more ‘canvas’ for my HankiePankie art hankies (printed on reclaimed bed sheets). Time to visit the Goodwill Outlet Store where I can help a good cause and  buy ‘crayons’ and ‘canvas’ by the pound (literally).

Most of the things I reclaim are threadbare, ripped, stained, or otherwise unwearable/useable and most-likely heading for the trash-heap. I can edit out the holes, paint over stains, use the worn parts as added patina. Much more fun than shopping at the fabric store or the art supply. And the end result is full of character and lives already lived.

Here’s a few snapshots of my latest additions to the scrap bag, all made with this Epic Battle in mind. Can you see some of the colors and ideas in my sketch coming to life, now?

goodwill outlet (by the pound haul)
My Goodwill by-the-pound collection, ready to wash. You never know what was rolling around in those blue bins...
thrifting aftermath
I love all the colorful goodwill tags. (And I love Charlie's Soap, btw, non-toxic, great for those with sensitive skin. Plus it takes any and all gunk the reclaimed fabric might be holding on to out on the first wash)
thrifted/found: color palette
all cleaned up and ready to play. my new box of crayons!
thrifted/found: color palette
TEXTURES! How do you like the pink bubble wrap? I found that in the basement while I was doing the laundry. ...maybe for suction cups?
thrifted/found: color palette
Throw in some darks to make the lights pop.
thrifted/found: color palette
Pinks of all kinds, those strange plastic things were just stuck to the fabric, I have no idea what they used to be...
thrifted/found: color palette
More texture, can't wait to figure out how to use those 70's placemats
thrifted/found: color palette
Silk, silver and burlap.
thrifted/found: color palette
All kinds of purple, ready for adventures in the deep
octopus sketches
Can you imagine this in color, now?

The Epic Battle part one here.


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