A doodle for a dreary day

Right now I have more ideas than I have hands or time… I hope everyone is having a jolly holiday, so far. I’m mucking about with a to-do list a mile long, but so far the season has been full of good friends and tasty treats. Here are a few doodles reflecting my current state of mind. And after the jump: a few photos of Baby Doll out on the town last Saturday. Jingle, Jangle, Y’all!

And now… Some pics of Baby Doll at the Cultural Initiative 3D showcase in Charlotte, NC  this Saturday. She was a bit of a wall flower, but many folks were taking their photos with her, so you may run across her pensive smile on Facebook someday when you’re least expecting it. The showcase was amazing, the band bad-ass and the live painting provided additional wild (and smelly) atmosphere. A very good time.

Cultural Initiative 3D showcase

3d showcase
3d showcase
Cultural Initiative 3D showcase
Cultural Initiative 3D showcaseCultural Initiative 3D showcase


3 thoughts on “A doodle for a dreary day

    1. yeah, in my head it’s kinda like all the thoughts of things to do are trying to do themselves… grow their own hands and get things done… :-0 which things do I devote my “real” hands to?

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