Krankies Holiday Craft Fair 2011

Krankies Carft Fair 2011

THANKS to everyone who supported local artists and crafty folks by buying gifts at the Krankies craft fair this weekend! Y’all are wonderful people. I enjoyed meeting so many cool folks in one place. And thanks to Laura Lashley for making it all happen. A few pix after the jump. (And remember, you can still buy handmade gifts at my ETSY shop, in Winston at  Urban Artware or via Email.) Happy Holidaze! 

Krankies Holiday Craft Fair 2012
Me and my booth at the fair-- a bit blurry, coffee in hand -- with lots of cards, tea towels, prints and more on the table for everyone to check out.
loot from Krankies Holiday Craft Fair 2011
Of course I couldn't leave without doing a little shopping of my own. My Loot (notes and links below).

HANDMADE goods from Krankies Craft Fair 2011 clockwise from top left: Soap and foot massage oil from Lavender Ann’s (the booth next to me, they were kind enough to do some trading with me); Mexican FIghter light switch plate from Thomas Elsner; wool felted brooches by World of Wendy Lu, Feather earrings by (I can’t remember who, forgot to get a card from her) and earrings by Rachel Qualliotine (who made my barbie hand earrings). YAY!


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