gratitude – The Unexpected

A few things making me happy (as part of my life list  ongoing gratitude journal):

glass knob / fall light
The little unexpected things you fall in love with in an old house
walking around
the whimsy of strangers

sunset on the waterfront walk
moonlight on weather-worn marble
thunderbird inn, florence sc
old things, still hanging around
a chance to use an "old family recipe" again
the grid of a window screen cross-hatching a sunset
walking around
cheerful spots of yellow
It Chooses You
a new book for inspiration
angel oak tree
the peaceful stillness found under a very large, very old tree
thanksgiving cactus
a surprise bright blossom, reminding me of my mom
birthday cupcakes
lavender and chocolate - and good friends who invent such combinations and share them.

2 thoughts on “gratitude – The Unexpected

  1. especially like the tree photo….
    also, I really like looking at these series…..I always feel a healing from them – thanks

    1. thanks, it’s an enjoyable process to put one of these lists together. I always feel better afterwards. It’s easy to forget the little things/moments of joy in our lives and this is a great way for me to remember/re-experience them…

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