gratitude: Colored Skies and Taco Trucks

Jordan Lake October 2011
What's that? You think sunsets are cheese? Well, I think it's pretty wild how the sky can do that - and twice a day, too! It's nice to find a little time to sit down and actually watch the world change colors.
watching the sunset
Ahh, yeah. Nothing like a little sand in your cowboy boots.

Last week, I managed to sneak away for a night in the great outdoors. Doug and I like to Cadillac camp at (somewhat nearby)  Lake Jordan ’cause you can be right on the water with minimal effort. It’s looking like temperate camping weather is almost over, so I’m glad we managed to sneak one more night in, even if it meant a bit of a schedule crunch. Totally worth it.

Playing dress up: I wasn't allowed to "do" Halloween as a kid (We did All Saints Day which included dressing up as Moses, Mary, Ruth or some other biblical character in a bathrobe or toga, bobbing for apples and playing duck-duck-goose) so, it's even more fun for me to play with costumes once in awhile as an adult.

This year, I was Alfalfa (from the little rascals) for Halloween. I hadn’t dressed up in a few years, and I’d forgotten how fun it is to be develop a “look” and to watch creativity come out in others in the ways they put together their own costume ideas. And I got to hang out with some of my besties from way back. A fun night.

More belts!

And speaking of putting together “the best costume for today” (as Little Edie would say); I added some new belts to my collection while thrifting for my Alfalfa outfit. Now I’m well on my way to goal #49) Practice skillfully/joyfully accessorising on my list. I even accessorized a little on my camping trip. 🙂

Sanford Taco Stand
TACOS EL PRIMO La Mejor Comida De Sanford's Taco Truck and Taco Stand Sanford, NC

And you know I love eating, so it’s not surprise that I’m happy to finally sink my teeth into the best tacos in the NC Piedmont (according to Doug, anyway). Delish. And don’t you just love food truck art? Also, I got to chow down on some Durham food truck yumminess this weekend at the Zombie Lurch after party. Heck yeah.

And I can’t resist sharing a few more pix from my Jordan Lake excursion, below. I hope everyone out there is enjoying fall as much as I am. It really is the best season for today. 🙂

morning on the beach
Jordan Lake, NC - beach morning
cooking dinner
Jordan Lake, NC - cooking over a fire
Jordan Lake October 2011
Jordan Lake, NC - campfire and cowboy boots

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