DIY Knumbskull Mask: Free Printable Template


Make your own Knumbskull mask. Download a printable template here. Yay!

Directions: Print the mask out on card stock at 100% (or print on regular printer paper and glue to heavier paper for a sturdier mask) and color it as you’d like. You can add yarn, glitter, paper fringe, decorative feathers or other elements, too. Once you’re happy with your mask, cut out the mask and the eye and nose holes. Punch holes on each side for ribbon to hold mask in place. Cut a length of elastic cording or ribbons to fit around your head, leaving at least 6 inches extra. Thread the cording through each hole, and tie off on each side. Now you’re ready to wear your new mask. Enjoy!

There’s a printable PDF version of the Strange Bird mask here.

@ 2011, Woodie Anderson. All rights reserved.


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