gratitude – road trips

A few things making me happy (as part of my life list  ongoing gratitude journal):

the drive home
Watching the sunset in your rear view mirror feels like you found a secret way to steal more time from the day. I'm dodging nightfall between the rain-filled rumble strips. Catch me, if you can.

Coolidge Park Carousel
A surprise chance at forgetting to "be a grown up" for awhile is worth every slightly woozy moment.
walking across Walnut Street Bridge
Stormy skies are so wonderfully dramatic.
chattanooga blue
I love it when a color pops up and offers to remind you of a place and time. This is the color of all the river bridges in Chattanooga TN. The shade of blue seemed to change with the weather, a barometer of the river's mood over our trip.
Hunter Museum of American Art
Sometimes the thing blocking the view is actually making it interesting in another way.
near the aquarium
I love how exploring new places lets you see the details you forget to see at home...
pattern on the cement
... like finding neat patterns in overlooked places.
near the aquarium
Sometimes all you have to look down. Even in the city, you'll be inspired.
rosetta's kitchen asheville
A perfect, satisfying meal at just the right time.
art deco sign
The past has such a texture. I love a place that doesn't try too hard to cover that up.
red white blue and yellow
Cheerful colors on a rainy day. I wish you could smell the rain-drenched wood musk of this photo.
near the aquarium
A travel companion who doesn't mind when you stop to take that millionth photo is to be much appreciated.

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