Finding peace with my hair

new haircut
Showing off how my 'lunitic fringe', as my Dad calls it, matches my glasses.

Been meaning to write about finding peace with my hair for awhile, now. Just saw the newest installation of Hell Yeah Haircuts on Cara Craig’s blog, so I’m posting a quick blurb RE: my current hair happiness. And thanks to Cara for being the genius she is.

One thing I don’t begrudge myself: a regular visit to the salon. I don’t consider it splurging, ’cause feeling good about my hair just makes life smoother. It’s not easy to find someone who listens to my hair needs (low maintenance, travel-safe hair that works with my face shape, among other things), and gives great advice and input, too. I don’t want a cut that won’t work for me, even if I asked for it. So much for slient-film-star-hair. What was I thinking? Why didn’t someone stop me? A heart-sinking feeling, innit.

Thankfully, friends directed me to Cara, and she’s the perfect combination of a careful and creative stylist. When it comes to hair, she’s a true artist. Her skilled, thoughtful approach is rare. Knowing I’m in good hands makes a trip to the salon something I no longer dread. Cara helped me make peace with what my hair (and my head) can and can’t do.

Even the best stylist can’t read your mind, though. After years of frustration, I finally started taking more responsibility  for my hair foibles. About two years ago, I started a hair journal. I now document each haircut with photos from all angles as soon as I get home from the salon, keeping them along with any notes, particularly “good hair day” photos and any inspiring haircut images I find in a journal (in evernote and on flickr). I know, it sounds pretty dang nerdy, but it really takes very little time and I now have a great reference for what works and doesn’t work for me, hair-wise.

Between finding Cara and keeping my haircut journal, I’m feeling pretty dang good about my hair these days.

new haircut
After my last salon visit, so thrilled i kept taking burry phone shots of my hair all day. Goofball.

3 thoughts on “Finding peace with my hair

  1. wow – I like that swoopin , swing..It’s an ACTIVE cut……it implies movement and fluidity and the short hairs are like “hey, we’re not real sure about this”… ….

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