gratitude – Summer Rainstorms

A few things making me happy (as part of my life list  ongoing gratitude journal):

reading on the deck
Finding a "new-to-me" book to read. Somehow I'd never read Jane Eyre, it was so wonderful to get lost in a favorite book for the first time. No matter how many times you read it again, the first time is always the best.
Art Shuffle at Gallery Hop
Watching people make things is so neat. (I helped out with the Arts Shuffle table at the gallery hop last Friday. Here are some young artists working on creating their 15-minute masterpieces.)

SEED: Community Art Mosaic Project
Seeing a group effort work out so well, also pretty neat. (This is a picture from the Community Mosaics show we put up at SEED Gallery. The show committee did such a great job and the event has been such a success we are talking about making it an annual community show.)
movie night
Laughing with friends and being silly for the sake of being silly.
summer rain
Summer rainstorms.
summer rain
Someone to watch them with.

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