gratitude – Sleeping in the Sink

A few things making me happy (as part of my life list  ongoing gratitude journal):

volunteer sunflowers
The volunteer sunflowers that came up in the sideyard containers are blooming now. Soon there will be little yellow finches eating the seeds.
June Supper Club
Pie and great friends who know how to make it. and don't mind sharing it.

kitchen still life
So much dill, so little time. (or should I say thyme. heh.)
pork tacos
Isn't purple cabbage pretty? this photos doesn't to justice to the way it brightened up my tacos.
sink cat
Sleeping in the sink must feel really nice in the summertime. Every time I walk past the bathroom and see this, I smile. And sometimes I break into high-voiced baby-kitty-talk. Sorry about that part. But, really, doesn't this look fun?
Kitchen Sink Pickles
I invented a new phrase to describe my personality: "the curse of the practical mind" I'll have to write something about that later, but meantime, look what I managed to fit into my day - Kitchen Sink Pickles! I hope they are good.

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