Poppy Seeds Exhibit at Kouboura Coffee

UPDATE: 6/12/11: The news now is that the Poppy Seeds show will remain up for about a month at the coffee shop, so stop by if you have a chance. There are several new works by each participating artist and the show is an interesting grouping of thoughts. To bad the opening party didn’t happen, but such is life. I’ll try to post some pictures of the show here, soon.

UPDATE: 6/11/11: OK, the show is cancelled, now. I just hear. Sorry to anyone that was headed that way today. Apparently there was an issue at the coffee shop between the owner and the curator of the show.


Today I’m pulling together work for Kouboura’s First Year Anniversary & Seed Gallery Exhibit Opening at Kouboura Coffee in downtown Winston. Two of my super-cool fellow SEED members will be showing with me: Patrick Harris and Millicent Greason-Spivak. I’m going to be sharing some studies I’m working on for my September show. The opening is Saturday, June 11 · 11:00am – 5:00pm and there will be live music so stop by and get a caffeine and art fix if you’re in town tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Poppy Seeds Exhibit at Kouboura Coffee

  1. you are moving in some new directions – that is adventurous and healthy – congrats on the show even if it was canceled.

    1. Thanks, it is pretty different. these are really studies, so it will be interesting to see where I end up by September. Using the spray stencils has been interesting way to force myself to move fast and try many different compositions as “1st color/layer” and I think that’s freeing.

  2. I love how you’re layering all the graphics! They look so light and breezy– ethereal maybe?? Do you ever do artist trading cards? We’ll have to chat about art at supper club.

    1. Katie, I haven’t done them, other than a set of quilted cards for a group project awhile back. I’d love to know more about them, though. It’s always seemed like a neat idea to me.

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