Mood board in progress

Mood Board
I did some more printing this weekend. Recently, I’ve been  inspired by  these nuclear bomb testing images I came across at The Atlantic. The image title In the Upstairs Bedroom of House Number Two grabbed me. It’s mysterious and specific at the same time. Somehow very poetic. I’m adding it to my list of inspirations for the show coming up in September at SEED Gallery.

The two images with that title show black and white before and after shots of a bedroom staged for bomb testing. The first shows a bed draped with a white sheet, the face of a mannequin just visible near the headboard. The window in the room is a bright white square. The second image shows a window that has been blown open by the blast and is now a gaping hole in the wall. The body of the mannequin still lies across the bed, the sheet that was covering her now completely gone. A surreal scene.

I can’t decided what strikes me most about those two images. Vulnerability. Barriers blocking our vision removed (by us or others). The pointlessness of hiding from reality. How things change and remain the same all at once. … I’m working on a series of larger prints on fabric around these thoughts, and I’ll share more images soon.


2 thoughts on “Mood board in progress

    1. lol… XD
      I have a collection of “vintage” nighties. I keep thinking I will print on them sometime, but I can never bring myself to do it….

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