wood|play series #2 – ready to wrap up!

artomat wood|play series #2

artomat wood|play series #2artomat wood|play series #2

Here are a few pix of my wood|play series #2 for the artomat, I’m wrapping and packing ’em up in the next few days. Have a happy, safe Memorial Day, everyone!


4 thoughts on “wood|play series #2 – ready to wrap up!

  1. way cool……I been avoiding working on artomat…………I think seeing your creative approach helps me …….maybe

    1. well, life is to short to force yourself to work on stuff that you aren’t into, art-wise, I think. Unless you are scared of something and you need to make yourself work through it (process/medium or subject matter). Otherwise, skip it till you wanna come back to it, I say. Being creative has enough guilt traps as it is. Or gumption traps as the guy in the book sim reading now calls ’em. XD

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