Tea Diary

Tea Diary for my life list #65try 200 blends of tea (make a top 50 list). For the purpose of this list and just for fun I’m going to start tracking my tea adventures and making notes and photos along the way to help me with my eventual Personal Top 50 Teas list. (I still need to figure out a rating system to use with the list, that’s in progress)

01) Celestial Seasonings – Acai Mango Zinger Tea
Acai Mango Zinger Tea110513 – This makes a great iced tea, tastes great with very little or no sweetner, though I’ve tried it with honey and with sugar. I’ve been making a huge pitcher with a few pinches of fresh mint on top for the fridge to ease us into summer, I purchased it on sale, was a little worried that the “fruit” tea would be dissapointing as it sometime is, but I like this one. light and refreshing. I have yet to try it warm, but iced, it’s great.

02)  Stash – Mango Passionfruit herbal tea
#02 Mango Passionfruit herb tea110517 – This is a pretty mild, fruity tea. Today I added ginger skin to the teapot that I had leftover from a recipe I made earlier the week (I like to save the skin and add to tea) so that really spiced it up and hid some of the taste. I need to try ti as iced tea as well. I think the mildness of it has been a tad offputting, I love lots of flavor!

03) Celestial Seasonings – Sugar Plum Spice
#03 Sugar Plum Spice Tea 110606 – Not much to report here. I’m cleaning out the cabinet, trying to drink up the “seasonal” teas so they don’t sit for a whole year. This was part of an impulse purchase of seasonal teas around xmas. It’s ok, not too exciting, but cozy enough as winter herb tea goes. I noticed roasted barley as the 2nd ingredient, which I found surprising. That along with cardamom were things I wasn’t expecting to see on the list. I wonder what they add to the taste. Anyway, I tried this as an iced tea this week and it’s ok. Very sweet (without sugar) and a little strange. It’s clearly not meant to be made that way. All in all I’d put this in the “I wouldn’t buy it again, but I would drink it again” category. I need to come up with some better categories, don’t I?

04) Bigelow – Constant Comment
old fav - back again 110913 – My hands-down all time fav tea. The quest for an equal is the whole point of this list, now that the weather is cooling, I hope to make more progress on my Tea Diary.

05) Tea of Life – Pure Ceylon Tea – Jasmine Orange
tea diary - jasmine tea 111000 – Green tea with natural Jasmine and Orange Flavors, a gift. Came in a neat single-serve green triangle box. Tasted sweet, mild, refreshing and light. I enjoyed this one, a nice mid-morning type of tea. Not too sweet, though, which is something I don’t like about some Jasmine tea.

05) YAMAMOYOYAMA – Jasmine Tea
tea diary - 06) YAMAMOYOYAMA - Jasmine Tea 120103 – A xmas gift form Dorcas, a nice Jasmine Tea, not too strong, made a nice early morning wake-up tea, easing me into a cold day of busy work. Plus, I like the line drawing of a tea bag on the packet.


3 thoughts on “Tea Diary

  1. Hey, this is great information. I got some acerola tea in the grocery in Germany – man, was it ever good…..tangy cherry flavor…..all natural.
    I love a couple of tall glasses of cold herb tea in the summer afternoon. I usually add applejuice as a sweetener.

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