gratitude – Trinkets and Windowsills

earrings from Krankies Craft Fair
Some new trinkets that make me smile.

Some very small things that make me smile:  These are some earrings I bought at the Craft Fair a few weeks ago. The teeth are by Nicole Harring and the Barbie Hands are by Rachel Qualliotine. Aren’t they lovely?

Windowsill Still Life
Clipped sage from the garden

Another windowsill still life. This image didn’t really capture the way the light hit the leaves making them brighter and the contrast in textures/colors of smooth black and rough green.

little spoon
Patterned dessert spoon, one of many different random patterns in our silver drawer.

I love the detail of this little old spoon – a joyous scribble. It makes me smile every time I find it in the silver drawer.

Stone Mountain, NC

And I love rain puddles…

Tree on mountain, Stone Mountain State Park, NC.

…and spur of the moment drives to the mountains. As one of my favorite PostSecret cards says: “Life is good. Everyone just overreacts. Even me.” It’s nice to enjoy the little things.


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