gratitude – Sunny Spring Days

A few things making me happy (as part of my life list  ongoing gratitude journal):

A thrifted silk dress I found in the back of my closet, perfect for reading books on the deck.

The weather has been nice enough I’ve been able to shed my many-layerd sherpa-like winter attire and dig out all the summer dresses in my closet. Makes me want to go thrifting and also reminds me of my friend MW’s story about how she spent a month (or more) refusing to allow herself to wear jeans to get out of a fashion rut.

Rediscovering the joys of black and white

My new phone has many cool camera apps that continue to remind me how different a photo can be from “reality” and just how much I loved my first camera. The excitement of mailing off a roll of film, unsure what would come back weeks later, is something I miss. But not enough to get out my old Pentax. Or maybe I should.

fresh strawberries
Fresh strawberries

Strawberries, fresh from the garden. How luck I am to have a garden-friendly yard and the time to enjoy it.

screen, painted in and ready to set up for printing

Revisiting and reworking past artwork. I usually feel I need to re-invent the wheel every time I start making art, but coming back to themes and elements is how we grow and learn. When I let myself “repeat”, it’s always interesting. I have to let go of my own expectations and ignore that little voice that shouts “What’s the matter? Can’t come up with something NEW to say?”  Some things need to be said more than once. Some things need to be repeated over and over again for a lifetime.

Beyonce's Move Your Body video

This just makes me smile one of these huge teeth+gums smiles.

mothers day table on the deck
Eating outside

Everything tastes better when you get to eat it outside in the fresh air. For now, there aren’t even any mosquitoes to interrupt, it’s been a lovely spring.


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