gratitude – The Importance of

I don’t know why, but even though it’s on my life list (#78) keep a daily gratitude journal for six months) learning the skill of keeping a gratitude journal has been elusive. What can I do to get that thought process rolling? I know I like to take photos of the little things. My idea is to post once a week, or maybe once every few weeks, with a few things I’ve enjoyed in my life recently. SO…. Some things that made me happy this week:

maple seeds
I'm happy because magenta and bright green has been falling from the sky all week.
Lemon Yogurt Cake with Ginger-Thyme Syrup
I'm happy because I made a cake from scratch and even though it didn't release from the pan just right it was yummy and I had some friends with something to celebrate to share it with.
I'm happy because my home has many wonderful windows and the changing season and the new sun patterns have made me notice it even more. There are new angles of shadows and new types of light with each season and that's pretty cool.
brine for rotisserie chicken #2
The way water makes colors fresh makes me happy. It reminds me of all the beautiful river rocks I would collect on trips to the mountains. Wet - they were wild and lovely. When they dried - they were dull and kinda sad until I realized all I had to do was dunk them in water again to see the colors that had attracted me. Maybe that's why people have fish tanks? This dried sage turned lovely purple and green when I put it in the boiling brine water. The golden bay leaf and the purple sage brightened my day.
Fitting a few dribbles of painting and doodling into my work day is nice. I do a little at a time, while on the phone or whatever, and in a few days I have finished thoughts and some artwork to share. It's a nice bonus to the on-call life of a freelancer working in a home studio.

Ok, that was kinda fun. I am a luck girl, ain’t I? We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.


16 thoughts on “gratitude – The Importance of

  1. reading things you are thankful for blessed me…..I didn’t have to work thru thoughts or anything…just float along peacefully on your stream….thanks for sharing…….a gratitude journal eh….interesting thought

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