ann's garden
ann's garden
ann's garden
ann's garden

At the risk of posting too many “pretty flower pictures”, I wanted to share some inspiration I found in Ann’s garden this past weekend. First, I noticed the blast of green/yellow/blue by her front steps and couldn’t turn away from the riot of color and texture without getting a few snapshots. When Ann noticed me taking photos, she pointed out some stunning wild flowers with amazing textures and shapes. The next thing I knew, I had a reel of color and textural inspiration images I can’t wait to play with.

Yesterday, when I found a little time to load everything to flickr, I was happy to see the pictures carried enough of the inspiration I felt in person to really get my creative mind rolling. I’m thinking these textures and shapes will serve as a great starting point for a collaborative project I am working on with fellow SEED member Dave Urena. I’ll fill in more details later, but the wild, dreamlike colors and almost prehistoric shapes I found in Ann’s garden are going to be a great start to what I hope is a interesting collaborative effort.


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