photo break

red buds on the maple tree
redbuds on the maple tree
seeds starting

The red buds on the maple tree have been slowly popping out this week. Their red cheer is one of my favorite parts of spring. I’ve been admiring them out of the second floor window all week, wishing I could capture their brilliance standing out against the purple gray of the winter sky somehow.

Today I took a break from design work to run out with the camera and try my best to get a good shot. Sadly, I couldn’t really reach high enough into the tree to pull down a branch for a close-up. I  really gave the landscapers across the fence in the neighbors yard something to grin at as I pogoed wildly, arms flailing, trying to get a branch down to my eye level. Finally, I grabbed a fallen branch and used it to pry a maple branch close enough to get a passable shot. I was shooting up into the shy, so it was pretty hard to get a good shot.

I guess I’ll have to keep trying, but I thought I’d share a few of the signs of spring around the ole homestead with the interwebs before getting back to work. The garden is starting to look a little green and we have yellow daffodils waving from every corner of the yard teasing us with thoughts of warmer weather. Ok, now back to work!


3 thoughts on “photo break

  1. So beautiful! On gardening– I’m trying to grow a few things from seeds this year and I started seeing fungus in my little seedling pots over the weekend (bummer). I’ve read that chammomile tea and/or cinnamon can help combat fungus– have you ever tried them or has something worked for you in the past?

    1. Hi Katie, I have had simular problems, but I was using covered seed starter kit and I left the lid off for a little while and it seemed to dry out/calm down a little. I’v heard of the chamomile tea idea, but never tried it. Seed starting is fun but I have always have spotty luck with starting seeds, I would LOVE to have a light/warmer pad set up to play with.. maybe next year. BTW, my go-to for garden tips is, I love her attitude! 🙂 Good Luck!

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