Drawing to think

finishing my mandala
I worked some more on my larger mandala from the workshop, today.

This weekend was a busy one, sometimes they just end up that way, I guess. Saturday I attended a class on “Drawing the Mandala” with some friends. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I came away with a new idea/tool for thinking. As I was explaining the experience of the class to hubby, he said it sounded like sanctioned doodling, and, in a way, it was. For anyone who hasn’t really done a lot of making art or drawing as an adult, the act of drawing can be daunting. I guess I’m lucky to already understand the “head-space” you can get into while focusing on the task of drawing, but even I had never really thought about it in exactly this way.

Palacios Nazaries
We were able to see some great examples of mandala use in Granada, Spain last year.

The class was described as “Art as Contemplative Practice” and that does sum it up pretty well. I did learn some interesting things about the history of the circle and of patterns in cultures around the world as well. It was also interesting to see the different patterns and approaches to the project that came out as we all sat around the table working. Personalities and emotions were clearly coming ouon the paper. I’m looking forward to using Mandala drawing as an alternative to standard journaling as a way to start my mornings.

Here are the first four mandalas that were created at our workshop table. Mine is on the bottom left side. You can really see some of the different approaches people took in this picture.

2 thoughts on “Drawing to think

  1. GOOD idea – to draw mandala’s as a way to “unwind” or get in touch with your self…I think I’ll try it.

    wow – such different mandala’s –

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