Happy New Year!

This winter (2010-2011) I didn’t make it under the line for sending out a traditional Christmas or Holiday card, so I set my sights on the new year. The Chinese New Year tradition is to reconcile, forget all grudges and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone. Sounds perfect, right?

New Years Cards 2011

New Years Cards 2011

New Years Cards 2011

Here’s a look at the Chinese New Year card I sent out this week in its finished form. This year is the year of the metal rabbit, so the artwork reflects that. The character in the illustration means “Good Luck” according to several references I found. I used one of the more abstract versions of the character because I felt it matched the style I was going for, hopefully the meaning is still legible. This was an enjoyable project and I’m really happy with the end result. I plan to frame one for the SEED group show that opens tomorrow at SEED gallery. You can see the artwork, flat, down below. If you click on it, you should be able to see the larger version posted on Flickr. I’ve also been working on a new print for the SEED show. It’s called “A Poem for a New Year” and the 2nd color is drying on it now. It’s pretty text heavy, and my proof-reader is out of town, so I’m a bit aprehensive about that, but decided to go forward anyway. I can’t let my fear of making silly typos hold me back! That decision may bite me in the butt, but oh well, gotta keep trying. I’ll post some pix of it tomorrow.

Happy New Year 2011


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