Ask and ye shall receive

duckie card
My first valentine of the day

Number 37 on my life list is “Make homemade valentines for all my friends and family one year” and looky here, y’all! I’m already well on my way to checking it off the list.

Two friends, Katie and Carla, were already planning a “Valentines workshop” of sorts, and when they noticed it on my list they kindly invited me along for a day of playing with glue, scrap paper and ribbons. Katie is a craft maven, as well as a gifted painter, and her studio space (where we played) is full of all sorts of wonderful craft paraphernalia. Both Carla (talented writer, photographer and collage artist) and Katie are such creative people; it was neat to see how they approached the project differently. I was continuously gleaning new ideas and tips from their creations to use in my own cards. As we lined up our finished cards along the ledge, it was clear to see everyone’s personalties really came out in the Valentines they made . I came home with a stack of really unique cards and  some great ideas for what to try next. I’m not done with the project, but it’s a great start. And, after all the fun I’ve had, I think making Valentines may become a yearly tradition for me. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

finished valentines on display
finished cards lined up on the studio ledge
finished valentines on display
pretty in pink, more cards on the ledge

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